Run Around The Clock ULTRA /RATCU/ is the first mountain ultra-running event in Bulgaria similar to „LAST MАN STANDING”. Accepting the challenge of participating in RATCU, each participant has only two options, either to stand alone at the top of the honor ladder, or to record the most suffering technical DNF in his running career.

RATCU was inspired by Pirin Galov.

Completed and signed AWRL Declaration is required before start.

The goal of each RATCU participant is to run as many laps as possible on a circular track / 11.5km, L + 525m / with diverse terrain within 2 / two / hours for each lap.

All of the participants start the first lap at the same time with a mass start, and then the  “SURVIVERS” start each subsequent lap again together with the mass start, exactly two hours after the start of the previous lap.

The “SURVIVORS” are all of  those runners who have managed to complete a lap within two hours. Failure to engage in a cutoff of 2 hours on any lap and / or start with the others at exactly the second hour of the previous start will result in immediate disqualification and termination.

The winner is the runner who manages to complete within the control lap time (two hours), commutatively one lap more than all other participants.

If two or more participants complete the same number of laps within the control time, no winner will be announced!

No external assistance is tolerated on the RATCU route, except in the Start / Finish area. The use of poles is prohibited! When external assistance is established, immediate disqualification follows.

RATCU continues as long as there is a participant on the track who manages to run the tour within the control time of two hours.

COVID-19 edition

RATCU 2020 /COVID-19 EDITION/  is a completely free and unprofessional event for first edition ;-). Each participant must take care of their food, hydration and rest area at the Start / Finals. There is limited opportunity to park cars and campers in the area of the event, as well as to organize a tent camp.

All participants accept at their own risk the possibility of any wounds, injuries, traumas, and declare that they are physically healthy and declare that they have the necessary skills and qualities of mountain runners to participate in RATCU.

The event inspirer is not responsible for any wounds, injuries, traumas, heart attacks or deaths of RATCU participants.

Each runner participates in RATKU at his own risk! The availability of insurance covering activities in the mountains is highly recommended. If an incident occurs, call the emergency hotline 112 or contact the Mountain Rescue Service 1470 directly.

We recommend installing the PSS / Mountain Rescue Service/ application on any mobile phone for quick localization and communication with rescuers in the event of an accident!

Mandatory equipment

  • Mobile phone
  • Headlamp – for the stages in the period from 20: 00-06: 00 inclusive
  • Water – 500 ml
  • Energy bar or gel – 1 pc. In case someone can’t reach the start / finish.

Where: Start / Finish is located in the village of Kladnitsa, 20 km from Sofia. There is easy access by minibus departing from the Russian Monument every hour and a personal car.

When: The second weekend after the lifting of the state of emergency and / or the permission to hold mass sports events in the mountains.

Organizing an individual rest / support area: 8: 00-9: 30

Sweet talk with the organizer: 9:45-10:00

Start: 10:00

Kibitzers: If you still don’t feel like running, but you want to support the runners on the track with loud shouts or a slice smeared with lyutenitsa or honey, you are welcome to volunteer with your whole family. The area has wonderful opportunities for nature walks. Only in the first 5 km of the route there are 4 shelters in the valley of the river Matnitsa.