As with every spontaneous idea, the idea behind Run Around The Clock Ultra had two options, to flashes and disappears or to spread around many crazy heads around the world. Thanks to the enthusiasm of ULTRAMAXIMUS Spain, RATCU will start writing its history beyond Bulgaria.

The second independent race from the Run Around The Clock Ultra chain is already a fact – RATCU Burgohondo Spain.

Може да бъде изображение с планина и текст, който гласи 'ULTRA MÁXIMUS RUN AROUND THE CLOCK ULTRA OCTUBRE 12KM- 36KM RATCU'


When: 1-2 October 2022г.

Where: Burgohondo/Spain/

Route: 12 km (1 lap) D 406↗ 388↘

Disciplines: 12 km (1 lap), 36 km (3 laps) и RATCU

Правила: Standart for RATCU + surprises

Start fee:

12 km 36 km RATCU
12€ 30€ 50€

Awards: 36 km- 150€ for the first man and woman, 100€ for the second, and 50€ for the third!

RATCU – 500€ for the first man and woman!

For more information and to register, visit the official competition website www.ultramaximus.com


The best man and the best woman from Run Around The Clock Ultra Bulgaria receive a GOLDEN TICKET for participation in RATCU Burgohondo Spain !!! / The golden ticket includes exemption from the entry fee and free accommodation for the duration of the race in Burgohondo /.*